Employment Of Low Loaders For Equipment Transport

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Transportation is a big issue while loading heavy weighted materials from one place to another in the markets. Specialized vehicles are used to carry these loads like long trailers referred as low loaders in WA. These large trailers are commonly found to be in use in the shipping industries. This is the most appropriate supporting surface for equipment transport without the problem of mishandling. This technology makes the transportation easy and flexible, carrying a large number of products over it to far distances.

Low loaders

There are advanced transport means that are used to transfer small and slow-moving vehicles by occupying them on called as low loaders. The biggest benefit of loaders is the additional height than the traditional loaders. These possess low floor that make low loaders optimum for transportation since when manufacturing initiated. Usually, slow driving vehicles and heavy machineries are placed on these loaders and are later driven by fast truck to continue the trip in no time. The common loader height is 800cm to 1m which offer enough space to load materials. The optimized length and height of loaders along with cost-effective parameters make it the ideal choice of companies dealing in heavy loads.

Low loaders are also called as low boy trailers, with the load bed is located between the gooseneck and axle body structures. This composition makes load surface close to ground, making transportation possible. This is used to lift vehicles, cranes, excavators, engineered plants, high and weighted objects, steel products etc. The force behind the safe movement of the high trailers is the hydraulic pressure. Thus, low loaders are a successful shipping means under conditions not suitable for small transportation vehicles.

Equipment transport

Over the years, many different and potential transportation advancements are introduced for equipment transport. Cranes, trucks, haulers, ships, wagons, intermodal containers, low and high loaders are some common and widely used devices for equipment transport services from one place to another. This is a way to conduct travelling of high load and wide sizes valuable equipment with safety in a specialized cargo vehicle manufactured for its transportation. During equipment transport, some important factors are necessary to be controlled like

  • Load and fluid transport
  • Shipping services and equipment export
  • Rental service
  • Load tracking and traffic control services
  • Fleet and waste control management
  • Truck quality and safety maintenance etc.

Equipment transport is a complete procedure starting from collection of loads to be transported, release of dispatch, loading, hauling, shipping and delivery in any part of the world. However, prior to loading, one should do a complete analysis of the compatibility of loading products and the vehicle used as transport, to confirm either it is accurate for shipping or not.


For shipping and transportation industries, low loaders are the ideal vehicles for carrying large loads on its flooring surfaces to distances.  In this way, equipment transport in WA has now become easy and feasible due to the availability of a variety of shipping containers. Low loaders or trailers are an effective and affordable mean for goods transport.

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