Comedy Nights Are A Way To Refresh Your Mind And Body

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The best way to bring a smile to someone’s face is through comedy and laughter. It is free medicine for your anxiety. Comedy helps an individual to escape the worries in his life. People feel energized and refreshed after attending comedy night in melbourne. These shows are immensely popular and are an instant hit. One of the main reasons is that they make people laugh and are a source of joy at the end of the day.

Watching light entertainment like this is important for your health.  There is a link between stress and diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.According to a study people who watched comedy shows had a decrease in their stress levels because of a refreshed mind. Comedy is not only refreshment for your mind but prevents diseases as well. Additionally, it aids to improve your mental health.

Why do people prefer comedy shows?

What people want to watch on television may vary from one person to another. Some may opt for news to keep themselves updated about the events happening around the world. Others may want to watch their favorite horror or science fiction movie. Then there are comedy shows on which the majority of people agree upon watching. People of different ages may sit together and enjoy the show without noticing the time that has passed by. They may feel light and energize. A good laugh together is a time well spent. These shows are preferred by people of different ages as it is a great way to spend your free time. A good comedy can fix your bad dayand improve your mood.

Difficulties a comedian faces:

Along with possessing a great sense of humour they also have to be creative, always bringing new ideas in their comedies. A creative- minded comedian stands out from the rest and becomes the favourite one. People who are new to this field may also have a lack of confidence and cannot address the audience properly resultantly they fail to put up a great show. One thing that is quite concerning for the hire a comedian is the number of people that show up for his comedy show. Moreover, the numbers of views are also a concern for the comedian.

Types of comedy shows:

There are many types of comedies which include:

  • Firstly the classic comedy in which the author follows the rules of ancient Roman and Greek writers
  • Romantic comedy in which the writer does not follow classiccomedy, rather he writes out his imagination.
  • Comedy of humour in which the writer has a specific trait for a specific character

Comedy of manners is about the elite class of the society and also their manners.